Working from home – What’s your setup?

So since Covid-19 a lot of us are now working from home all or some of the time. I work from home 2/3 days a week with the other days spent in the office. It has taken a bit of getting use to and was a little strange to begin with.

At the start I was using a small desk in my bedroom which I upgraded to a much larger one from IKEA. Then added some fish, picked up equipment from work (a couple of screens etc) and then it felt like a better environment.

One of the things I missed was the lack of background noise. Even though the office was never that loud in the IT area (I won’t talk about when we use to sit near sales) when everyone was at school and the house was empty it was just too quiet.

Electronic Improvements

So a couple of cheap improvements I made was to get a cheap TV (£5 second hand on Facebook marketplace) with a Roku player and a Amazon echo dot.

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If you have an Amazon echo device why not grab a 30 day free trial of Amazon music unlimited or take a look at the latest offer above? I have a few playlists setup for different moods (from old rock to classical depending on what I’m working on).

Quick note, the links above are affiliate links to the products I purchased, if you decide to purchase one then we make a small amount (to help keep the club going).

It then makes it so easy to have a radio station or music in the background while working and then for a quick lunch break with a bit of TV.

If you’re as nerdy as I am then it’s likely you spend more time at your desk then just working (a 2nd PC there perhaps) so it upgrades the lot in one go.

I also mentioned my fish earlier which was a great purchase, a 2nd hand tank (Facebook marketplace again) and free fish locally 🐟. If I need a quick distraction or to focus my eyes away from the screen (we all ready the health and safety docs, right?), then they’re perfect. It also sounds a little silly but it gives a little company. I haven’t got as far as making them as co-workers but you never know.

I’m always interested in seeing people’s setups, so feel free to leave a comment and show me your executive office or working on an ironing board in the kitchen (I’m not kidding).

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