Working from home – Holiday challenges



When working from home during the school holidays I’m sure most of us with children ๐Ÿง’ in the house can provide a bit of a challenge. I have found this is especially true during the winter months โ„.

The question is how to try and keep them entertained in the house. Even with someone watching the kids while you try to work they still always want more attention.

I have found my best friend is the tablet, I recently purchased a Amazon Fire HD tablet for my 4 year old daughter. She loves it and never wants to put it down. She hasn’t yet got the idea that it needs charging and when she does that it needs longer than 30 seconds.

It is also worth grabbing a nice chunky shockproof case like the one I grabbed from Amazon.

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So if you find yourself stuck and trying to keep the kids amused I would highly recommend.

I also found that you can pay for the tablet with installments. At time of writing you can make 5 x ยฃ30 installments direct to Amazon. There are no credit checks required and Amazon takes it directly out of your bank via your card.

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