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So one of my life savers (going to resist saying life saving hacks as that is too tacky) are power banks. I really don’t leave home without one. I have one in my car, one on my bedside table and another one randomly kicking around the house for good measure.

When on a long journey, an off-grid camping trip or going to an office where you can’t use your own devices (yep I have experienced all 3 of these) then they can save you. With more modern smart phones batteries have been gradually improving but you know that you will forget to charge and be caught short just when you need it the most.

We do so much with our smart phones these days not just calls and messaging. One of my main uses now is payments. If I am getting the bus, dashing into the shop for that milk I forgot to pick up or paying of a takeaway ๐Ÿฅก then I no longer need to remember my card (and sometimes pin). I frequently use Google Pay/Wallet whenever I can. The only problem is that we have started relying on it so when our battery hits 0% you find yourself stuck.

Even for emergencies and I mean emergencies. I mean what are the chances that the day you forgot to charge your phone and you run out of battery then your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere?


So I would recommend investing in a high capacity power bank. Most now are about the size of a large smart phone and don’t weigh much. My favorite is the cheap high capacity Ockerred Power Bank I grabbed off Amazon. At 20000 mAh. I get about 6 full charges out of mine with my Google Pixel 5.

Quick disclaimer, if you decide to purchase the power bank or phone I mentioned above (using the links on this page) then code monkey club receives a small amount of money as they are affiliate links.

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