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So if you have landed on this post you must have decided to give Godot a try and am looking for some quick help to getting set up. If you would like to read more on Godot first then you can head on over to godotengine.org, once you are ready then you can head to the steps below.

Which version?

So the first decision to make is what version to use. This all depends on the coding/programming language you would like to use. If you are happy to try out GDScript which is Godot’s own scripting language, it is simple to use and is similar in style to Python. The other out of the box option is C#, if you are familiar with C# then I would still suggest giving GDScript a go first but if you have already decided then you will need to download the mono version.

Before we move onto downloading it is worth adding that this tutorial will be using Godot version 3. At time of writing Godot version 4 is in beta, we will add future tutorials with the new version once it is in general release.

Download & Install

Now it is time to head over to godotengine.org/download and download the version you need. You will most likely be on a 64-bit machine but if not you will need to grab the x86. If you are going to be using GDScript you can download the standard version, if you want to use C# then download the Mono version.

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If you are using the mono version then you will also need to make sure you have the .net SDK installed which can be downloaded from dotnet.microsoft.com/download. A quick warning, if you use the mono version and don’t have the SDK installed then the Godot engine will just fail to launch but does not give a reason, so worth a check.

You’ll be pleased to know that the only installation required is just unzipping the zip file you have downloaded. Godot like to keep it simple, all you need to do to launch is to open the .exe file once you have extracted it.

Creating a Project

Creating a project is nice and simple, we will be writing a number of tutorials to help make a basic 2D game, creating the empty project will be the first step. We will be building up a simple dungeon master game, the aim being to avoid the enemies to get to the next level. The first screen you will see will have an empty list of projects. Go ahead and click on the New Project button.

On the Create New Project screen enter Dungeon Master as the project name, the project path will be where the project files are stored on your PC so pick a sensible location. Once you have selected a folder you will need to create a new empty folder to use, you can click on the Create Folder button to generate one with your project name. As for the Jenderer I would suggest leaving it with the default OpenGL ES 3.0, we will be creating a PC game so it will work best for us. Once you have filled everything in then it should look like the below:

Now click on Create & Edit and will now have your first project ready to start editing. We will be creating more tutorials in the future so watch this space!

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